San Diego Liver Debates 2024The San Diego liver community hosted debates in 2018 and 2019. Due to COVID-19 and other unforeseen circumstances, we were not able to host these past few years. We are excited to have the debates returning in 2024 as San Diego Liver Debates, a program of the Liver Coalition of San Diego.

During rhis year’s San Diego Liver Debates, debate teams will be assigned topics, work with mentors, and be judged by a panel of physicians. This program is offered free of charge and includes dinner. Donations accepted.

Program DetailsDATE: TBATIME: 5:30 PM 9:00 PMLOCATION: TBA

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Monday, December 13, 2022
TIME: 5:30 PM   9:00 PM
LOCATION: Schaetzel Center, La Jolla, CA


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2019 Highlights

Participants: Front Row (Left to Right): LT Michael Skaret, MD, Alex Hooper MD, Behnam Moein MD, Pam Conner, NP, Melanie Swan, RN, John Person, MD and Lisa Nyberg, MD. Middle Row (Far Left to Right): Lisa Richards, RN and Jeffrey Kahn, MD. Back Row (Left to Right): Adam Deising, DO, Christian Ramers, MD, Catherine Frenette, MD, Irine Vodkin, MD, Barbara Andrews, NP, Abbey Barnard, MD, Michel Mendler, MD. Far Back: Anders Nyberg, MD.

2019 Debate Topics

All Patients with immune tolerant Hepatitis B be treated
• PRO: All patients with immune tolerant Hepatitis B should be treated
• CON: All patients with immune tolerated Hepatitis B do not need to be treated

All NASH patients should be treated with medical therapies regardless of fibrosis level
• PRO: All medical therapies should be used for any patient with NASH regardless of fibrosis level
• CON: Obetacholic acid and other medical therapies should be only used in patients with biopsy proven NASH with greater than F2 fibrosis

Patients with first variceal bleed should go for early TIPS vs. Endoscopy
• PRO: Early TIPS for first variceal bleed
• CON: No TIPS for first variceal bleed

2018 Highlights

Participants: Front Row (Left to Right): Pam Conner, NP, Adam Deising, DO, participant, Robin Soto, NP, Irine Vodkin, MD and Summer Collier, RN. Middle Row (Left to Right): Quan Nhu, MD, Ali Fakhreddine, MD, Faizi Hai, MD, participant, Norah Terrault, MD, Jennifer Berumen, MD and Joe Meserve, MD. Back Row: (Left to Right): participant, Christian Ramers, MD, Catherine Frenette, MD, Christopher Marsh, MD, Shavran Dave MD and Veeral Ajmera, MD.

Debate Topics

Possibility of eliminating Hepatitis C by 2030
• PRO: Hepatitis C will be eliminated by 2030
• CON: Hepatitis C will not be eliminated by 2030

Identifying the ?Gold Standard? to evaluate fibrosis in patients with NAFLD
• POSITION 1: Serum markers for fibrosis
• POSITION 2: MR Elastography
• POSITION 3: Biopsy

Waiting periods for transplanting patients with alcohol-induced liver disease
• PRO: The abstinence period should be the same for all patients
• CON: The abstinence period should be determined on a case-by-case basis